Manic Moira Monday: 6 p.m. bedtime

Moira is pretty much done by 6 p.m. these days – and by done I mean she is fine at 4 p.m. but by 6 p.m. things have broken down so much that she is screaming hysterically (The shrieking! The tears!) and making her father wonder if he should start working late. I can barely get dinner into her if I don’t feed her before 5 p.m. So bedtime is at 6 p.m. – and she usually falls right to sleep. We tried keeping her up later because 6 p.m. seems so early but… why? Really, health system it was just painful for all of us.

Of course, she wakes up in an hour and has another crying session but after I calm her down she will sleep for another couple hours (eat, rinse, repeat). I’m confident this is all due to the fact that she still won’t/can’t/doesn’t nap during the day but is busier – and therefore in more need of sleep – than ever. I’m confident it is just one more thing she is going to have to outgrow. Thankfully it is winter and I have no real desire to leave the apartment after dark.

Last Thursday was my first solo “late night” since Moira was born. When I got home (at 10:30 p.m.) the Mister was passed out on our bed and Moira was laying beside him, grinning from ear to ear happily chewing on her toes. I guess things didn’t go so well… for the Mister.

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