M is for Moira, surgery Meli-Mello and Mentor.

This installation is brought to you by another M, disinfection the Mister, side effects as MoMMy is sleeping. Moira is the naMe of our new daughter, and she is also sleeping. She was 3200 g at birth, and 47 cM in length (I live in a Metric country, daMMit!) with brown hair. Personally the stats don’t Mean Much to Me, but soMe people like seeing theM. What Matters More in My Mind is that she’s in fine health and appears to be adapting to life outside the warM, soft, coMforting woMb.

MoMMy’s goal of breastfeeding her daughter in the face of the onslaught of Evil(tM) baby-product coMpanies that want you to think otherwise is going fine. I think that Most c-section MoMMies Must take a little longer for their Milk to coMe in, because they don’t have the requisite horMone buildup, but everything is working fine now and they’re trying to work out a schedule. My job is to bring food and pillows. 😀

As for post-op, all I have to say is that any woMan who purposefully goes in for a c-section is nuts. Choosing to have Major abdoMinal surgery instead of the natural route that huMans have been using for Millions of years seeMs a little silly to Me (although Most of My arguMents these days can be distilled down to: “But if they’ve been doing it in Africa for Millions of years…” 😉 ) Unfortunately we didn’t have that choice with Miss breeched-buM-first baby, but for those who do I suggest you reconsider.

Anyways, MoMMy is on the slow road to recovery, and is trying to fight the cycle of ups and downs from all the drugs, sleep inhibition, not getting to eat for 22 hours because of surgery (this froM the lady that usually eats every couple of hours), hospital food and uterus staples. She still has probleMs walking around the apartMent and Might (I repeat – Might) have an infection. Even if everything works out, I would rather not go through this major operation stress again.

Moira is feeding well, is More alert than Most babies (or so I’M told by the nurses), and has a vast array of stunning expressions to amuse us. (our favorite is the “greMlin” face – don’t feed after midnight!)

As for Mentors, we had some great nurses/lactation consultants, and soMe bad ones (More good than bad). We had soMe good doctors, and soMe bad ones. What always iMpresses Me the Most is that there are so Many woMen willing to help Meli-Mello get breastfeeding down. Our parents have also been great in providing help and advice, while still not being underfoot. Mentors Make a baby better. Never forget it.

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