Looking forward

This photo pretty much sums up the difference in personalities.

This photo pretty much sums up the difference in personalities.

As I was writing my previous blog post I realized that I haven’t taken the time to think about goals or resolutions for 2013. The reason for this is rather obvious since I know that this year is going to consist of sleep deprivation and non-stop breast-feeding of baby #3 (by choice) and I hadn’t really thought beyond that.

However, sovaldi sale I feel that is unhealthy to get complacent and obviously so much more is going to go on this year that has nothing to do with a new baby. Moira will turn five and start Kindergarten in the Fall. Fionnuala will turn three and will be at preschool in the Fall (I’m really looking forward to the Fall – probably to an unhealthy degree). Baby #3 will hopefully learn to nap in his/her car seat and anywhere else we end up since it will constantly be on the move following after his/her big sisters.

Of course there will also be gardening and hanging out on the front stoop as soon as the weather permits. We are looking into getting a second bathroom put into the house which I suspect will take up a big chunk of our summer. Mostly I’m just interested in seeing what our new balance is going to be like and taking it from there. Still, gonorrhea I would like to have a couple of goals in place no matter how lofty or unattainable they may seem in a year overshadowed by the appearance of a new baby.

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