Looking for some advice with my whine

I’m having a rough weekend. Moira is (thankfully) asleep right now and there are a gajillion* things I need to do around the apartment but I’m too tired to do any of them. I think I’m extra burned out because the Mister was out most nights this week and has now gone camping. Ask me if I’m a little jealous? Never mind, gonorrhea you don’t need to ask, buy more about I’ll tell you – I’m a little jealous.

I tried to console myself with the possibility of a friend coming over for dinner and a night with the bed all to myself. Neither of those things happened. The plans with my friend fell through. I ended up taking Moira for a walk thinking I might *splurges of splurges* rent a video but neither video store had the movie I really wanted to see and I always feel guilty spending money so I didn’t rent anything.  I went to bed early with the hope of a good night’s sleep but a stomach ache foiled those plans. Moira woke up at 1 am and would not go back to sleep so after all my other tricks failed I pulled her into my bed and then I woke up around 4 a.m. with, well, not to get too graphic here  – terrible diarrhea. You know, the kind where you just lay down in front of the bathroom door because you are afraid to move too far away. Two hours of it. Must have been something I ate. It meant I missed swimming this morning too (which I am sure the other swimmers would be grateful for if they knew why) and I was really looking forward to it too after taking a week off due to a sore shoulder. I’m actually not feeling too bad right now though so I can be thankful that it was a lasting stomach bug.

Anyway, I’m thinking a lot about my hair these days. Remember what I said here? Well, this time that isn’t it. I really wanted to grow my hair long but holy crap I am sick of it falling out. It is so thin right now and it is All Over the apartment. My temples are decidedly thinner looking and have this crazy weird re-growth going on. Everytime I shower it looks like a small animal exploded all over the bathtub and I have to keep vigilently picking my hairs off of Moira so she doesn’t unwillingly turn into this person. These days I am tempted to do something I always, as a curly haired person, afraid to do: get bangs.  You see (this is my crazy thinking) if I get bangs I can hide these thin temples with their crazy re-growth and I can also hide the brown maternity mask stain that I have had on my forehead long before I ever got pregnant (and which you never get to see because I almost always photoshop it out). I was browsing the internet yesterday looking for ideas and the only celebrity I can think of with similar hair is Audrey Tautou and looking through these photos isn’t really helping because she looks good all the time. I doubt any haircut I get is going to come with a full-time personal stylist. Also – I can’t afford to get my hair cut more than twice a year and the colour really didn’t take last time (read: little scraggly greys sticking up everywhere) so it looks like I am back to colouring it from a box and maybe chopping it myself? Any recommendations on what I should do? While it looks adorable on her, I don’t want Audrey’s super short haircut. I’m not gamine enough for that. Although it did look good on me once:

Those days are long past. Maybe just long bangs that I can tuck behind my ears? I don’t want to go too short but at the same time once my hormones regulate themselves and my hair stops falling out the re-growth is going to be a pain in the ass.

Previous hair incarnations for comparison:

I don’t even know how old that top photo is or why I am standing in front of that orange curtain. The second one is from the summer and the last one is a passport photo that never got used. It is probably one of the best pictures of me – ever. Sadly, my current passport photo is not nearly as flattering.

I’m up for any and all suggestions.

p.s. Moira’s nap lasted 20 minutes.

*Not a real number.

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