Lets take a moment and talk about babies

I’m a journalist by training so whenever something comes up that I don’t understand I bury myself under piles of research – which is what I am doing right now. Some conclusions I have come to:

  • The only thing this baby really needs for the first little while is me. The Mister has chosen to not be offended by this (in fact, medications he knew this before I did). Of course, and this doesn’t mean the baby doesn’t need such essentials as sleepers and diapers but it also means I don’t have to feel like a bad mother because I’m not turning myself inside out to set up and decorate a nursery and haven’t actually gone shopping for the baby yet.

Totally random crying baby photo

Photo by Critical Moss

  • Babies cry. Just because a baby doesn’t cry doesn’t make it a “good baby” (although it would certainly make my life easier if I have a baby that doesn’t cry). It seems to be a very Victorian mentality that babies should neither be seen nor heard. No matter what I do this baby will cry.
  • I can read all the books I want but research is only going to get me so far – I won’t really know anything until I meet the little person who is living inside me and find out what they want. Babies make their own decisions.

I have set up an appointment with a Doula for Saturday. See, I’m doing something baby-related!

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