Lazy Sunday

And by lazy I mean laaaaaaazy. It is 3:30 and I’m still not dressed yet. I had all of these wonderful plans for today which involved hanging out with my friend Chris while he created costumes for an Opera event, symptoms going to this great vintage shop to search for some maternity-friendly clothes and washing the sheets. Well, I cancelled on Chris because the Mister and I both woke up with sinus headaches and the sheets are still on the bed because I knew at some point I would be crawling back in there for a while (done that already).

Things actually accomplished today: 3 episodes of the X Files (season one), 2 cups of tea drank, a blog entry for work (can be accessed here if you are interested) and a loaf of bread made (meaning, I threw the ingredients into the bread maker and tried to feel good about myself).

This is a maternity pattern

My clothes are starting to get tight. I think I’m in week 15 now? I should really be paying more attention to this and get some baby-related stuff done – not to mention some maternity clothes (that’s a maternity pattern pictured above, I have a feeling they weren’t allowed to say that on the cover of the pattern. Weird, no?)  I keep meaning to do more – like organize the apartment and try and figure out where we are actually going to put the little wrackspurt in our already crowded apartment – but right now it just seems easier to nap and watch the X Files.

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