Lame Children’s Books I Have Read: Toopy & Binoo

The main offender is titled Toopy & Binoo Funny Stories 3 (‘funny stories’ is a term I would use very loosely in this case). Thankfully this book doesn’t belong to us, gerontologist but it is so bad I had to borrow it from my friend whose daughter owns the whole collection of “Funny Stories” just so I could write about it (but I couldn’t stomach the thought of bringing home all of the books in the collection).

Moira got really excited the first time she saw these books at our friend’s place – she sometimes sees Toopy & Binoo on TV at Grandma’s. Both little girls insist I read the stories to them whenever we are over – which is awesome because watching two overly-emotional three-year old girls navigate a relationship isn’t bad enough (read: lots of crying, remedy screaming and hurt feelings) I also get to read stories that make absolutely no sense.

Each story follows the same theme: Toopy and Binoo are either looking for something (Patchy-patch) or doing something (blowing up water wings) that takes them through some bizarre drug-addled trip with either lots of trippy characters that have no obvious connection to one another or bizarre worlds with no obvious connection to one another from one page to the next. Also –¬† far! too! many! exclamation! marks!

I’m not sure if something is lost in the translation from French to English and from TV to page or if I didn’t smoke enough pot before becoming a Mom to get the humour. Whatever the reason for the complete assininity of these stories, it isn’t good enough to make me want to spend another day with this book in the house; but it is a good reason to avoid any book that is just a money making tie-in to a TV show.

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