La vie en glas smaragaide (emerald green)

Edith Piaf

 The Mister and I splurged on a matinee yesterday to see La Vie En Rose, viagra dosage the Edith Piaf biopic. While there were some unanswered questions and the timeline was hard to follow, we both enjoy Piaf’s music (as much as you can enjoy the sound of someone’s heart breaking I suppose) and the film was stunning visually. It made me want to go to Paris – or at least, the black and white Paris of the past. Marion Cotillard’s transformation was really incredible and if nothing else Piaf’s life makes a very good anti-drug campaign.

But, since we cannot time travel, we are going to Scotland and Ireland instead! We have our plane tickets booked for September and other than that we have done little planning. We are unsure how we are going to be able to travel around such expensive countries on our budget but one of the things we are hoping to do is  spend a week in the Wwoof program: World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.  That should be a fun and relatively inexpensive way to spend a week of our vacation.

The original plan was to fly to Glasgow and then make our way to the coast and catch the ferry to Ireland (cheapest method since there are no direct flights to Ireland from where we live). But it depends what happens with Wwoof. If we get matched up with someone in Scotland we may just stay in Scotland even though we both really want to go to Ireland. We have no intention of renting a car (flying is bad enough on the environment, no?) but hope to be somewhere we can get our hands on a couple of bikes. I would really like to go to Oilean Thorai (Tory Island) but it sounds expensive and I’m not sure how easy it will be for us to get to Donegal.  Anyway, lots of planning since this is a long-awaited trip for the Mister and I. I’m currently reading up on Irish history and we are laughingly looking through a children’s illustrated encyclopedia of Irish with the hopes that at least one word will sink in!

If you are looking for sustainable travel options in the UK you should check out the Wwoof links page. I haven’t had a chance to read it in it’s entirety but will be doing so shortly.

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