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This is a post I started writing a couple months ago but never posted because I didn’t really feel like talking about it at the time. I didn’t feel like writing about how our lives felt like they were in constant limbo, valeologist how I felt like I was just waiting for the baby and not really doing anything to prepare, information pills how the Mister was trying so hard to get a job that seemed like it would never come. That was how I felt – like everything is in limbo. Except even pre-pregnancy I was never that flexible.

When I was trying to write about limbo a couple months ago the Mister and I had been waiting to hear about a job offer for him and wondering if we should do anything, and like rearrange the bedroom in anticipation of the baby’s arrival, or if we would have to move before hand. Move or commute 3 hours a day? The job seemed interesting and he was excited but we kept it to ourselves since he had applied for so many there was no point talking about them anymore. Then the offer came and to say it was low would be an understatement. It was insultingly low and very discouraging. I’ve tried not to complain too much about money lately (mostly since my parents read this and worry about me – hi guys) but really – I made almost that much money as a secretary seven years ago for doing very little. We thought it was a typo. He asked if there was negotiating room – they said no. The Mister said he didn’t know whether he should be grateful that someone finally made him an offer or if he should feel insulted. He quickly settled on insulted – which was where I was from the start.
So, time passed, he applied for more jobs, he had more people tell him how impressive his resume was and then ignore him. We slowly started rearranging the bedroom in preparation for this baby, I began washing baby clothes and trying to figure out how to fold cloth diapers.

And then another call came for a job out of town. Not just out of town but across the country. Can you come out for an interview? Would you be willing to move? Let’s negotiate a salary. They are courting him heavily – which is how it should be.

The bedroom is ready for the baby and I am collecting boxes and slowly packing things up. If all goes well the three of us will be in another province by the summer and the Mister will have a job that excites him. A final decision should be made by the end of the week.

As for that third person? The little one who has helped throw us into limbo? We get to meet that person today. We leave for the hospital in a couple hours and there is a good chance we will all be together by dinnertime. I’m scared, yes – about the anesthesia, about the operation and about being responsible for someone so tiny. But I’m excited. I’m ready. It’s time for all this limbo to end.

What a week! See you on the other side.

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