Kind of like Buy Nothing Day but with shopping

I have been very pro-Buy Nothing Day since the first moment I heard about it five or six years ago. I’ve written about it before and I had every intention of writing about it again and getting all high and mighty about not shopping on Friday. I’m still very pro-Buy Nothing Day but maybe you should just go read last year’s post and pretend that is me this year. Because this year I have booked Moira’s grandmother in on Friday so I can meet the Mister for lunch downtown and buy myself some shoes. It’s a date! With adult conversation! It’s a shopping trip where I’m not struggling to try on shoes with my 15 lb crotch kicker squirming around in her Baby Bjorn.

There was a fleeting moment when I thought maybe… Ha! That is totally a lie. I didn’t consider canceling for a second. I’m sorry Buy Nothing Day – I’ve been a loyal non-customer but unless my MIL contracts some nasty AND contagious disease by Friday there is no way I’m staying home.

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