Kind neighbours and teething babies

On Monday, youth health the day after my previous ranty post about manners – we invited our new neighbour (young guy, maybe 26-years old?) over for lunch. A very casual lunch at that because we had all been working in our gardens and chatting away over the fence. The Mister (who had taken the day off) was going to get some Indian take-away and there is always plenty to share. At first our neighbour was unsure, “I’m in my gardening clothes,” he said looking down at himself. Mister & I laughed and I said we would only be offended if he changed before he came over. So, Mister went to get Indian food and new neighbour called around, then drove around, looking for a vegan dessert to bring (Rice Dream ice cream – it was pretty good too). He’s welcome back any time.

Tonight I had big plans to get into the garden after the girls had gone to bed because it seemed like they were both heading there early but Fionnuala got a second (Fifth? Tenth?) wind and needed to be set free from the confines of her crib to spend 30 minutes enthralled by my 99 cent tape measure.

(Everyone loves that tape measure – it makes a clacking noise when you pull it out.)

Once Fionnuala was tired enough to go to bed a huge wind storm came up and so here I sit in my living room listening to the windows rattle as I watch the large trees around me bend in ways that look uncomfortable. I’m a little worried about our new pear trees. I hope it dies down soon because I need to at least water the garden before bed. Miss F is pushing through three top teeth these days and doing a very good impersonation of a vampire as she is constantly crawling all over and trying to bite my neck (or face or shoulder – in fact, nothing is really safe these days, we all have to keep our toes tucked in or she will bite those too as she crawls by). For all her adorableness this teething business is getting to be a bit much. This morning’s wake-up call was just after 5 a.m. and I can’t even walk down the hallway without her breaking into a sob. I’m sure in her little world she is truly heart broken by my cruel and careless abandonment and I try not to laugh too much but really, what else can you do?

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