Katie Morag’s Island Stories by Mairi Hedderwick

Why am I only hearing about Katie Morag now? The author, stomatology Mairi Hedderwick is extremely famous in the UK but I have to wonder how well she is known over here. Still, cialis 40mg at least we have now been introduced to Katie Morag though it was only luck that I stumbled upon it at the library. Even my Scottish friend had never heard of her.

Katie Morag is a red headed little imp who lives on the fictional Island of Struay and is always dressed in her white jumper, green kilt and black wellies. Her parents run the Shop & Post Office. I think the Mister and I are enjoying these stories more than Moira as there is always so much to look at in the illustrations. I think it was on my third reading of Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted that I realized her Mum was sitting there with her breast exposed having just finished nursing the new baby (Flora Ann).

The stories beg to be read in a Scottish accent which the Mister is quite good at. Unfortunately every accent I try to do comes out Irish. Scottish = Irish. British = Irish. Even Indian = Irish. So far Moira hasn’t complained.

There are four stories in this collection:

Katie Morag Delivers the Mail: Baby Liam is cutting a tooth and driving everyone batty, Katie Morag drops the mail in a puddle and the addresses are unreadable.

Katie Morag and the two Grandmothers: Granma Mainland and her “ach, fancy ways” comes to visit and puts Grannie Island into a snit.

Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted: the arrival of a new baby sister puts Katie Morag’s nose out of joint and she gets banished to Grannie Island’s home after her fury leads her to kick her tiresome old teddy bear off the jetty and into the sea. (Moira was rather upset by that and held on tight to her beloved Sookie, I am no longer allowed to read this story to her.)

Katie Morag and the Big Boy Cousins: Katie Morag’s cousins (Hector, Archie, Jamie, Dougal and Murdo Iain) from the mainland arrive to stay with Grannie Island and no one on the Island is happy about this (except Katie Morag of course).

I’m looking forward to reading more about Katie Morag’s (mis)adventures – and there are many of them. I have a feeling this could get expensive.

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