K is for…


Conversation with Jocelyn on Saturday:

Me: I can’t think of anything that starts with K
Joce: (after jokingly suggesting her last name – which I was actually considering before I asked) That’s a tough one.
Me & Joce: sitting and contemplating for a moment
Joce: OMG! Knitting!
Me: Wow – I’m a total dolt, viagra order I can’t believe I didn’t think of that.
Joce: Forest through the trees sweetie, disorder it took me a moment too.
Me: I have been brainstorming for days.

She is too kind. Can we just chalk it up to just-about-to-have-a-baby brain?

Someone looks a little tired?

I don’t know if I will ever be a fantastic knitter. I’m rather slow and my skills are not top notch and I don’t like knitting as much as I like hoarding fabric (just like I don’t like sewing as much as I like hoarding fabric so maybe it is a bit of an issue with me). But one thing knitting has brought me is a great group of friends. Take this really terrible picture above of what will probably be my last Knit Night for a while – and possibly ever (which is a whole other story). I tried having a craft night at my house many times – sometimes it was successful but often it wasn’t. I’m so happy Jocelyn (the one with the sun in her face on the left) and I got up the nerve to attend the weekly Knit Night in our neighbourhood in December. Jocelyn is already an enabler of the worse sort when it comes to yarn (“Let’s go on a yarn store crawl!”) but meeting some of these other women, like Anne (sorry dear, this picture doesn’t do you justice at all) and seeing their skills at pulling off a sock or a sweater make me want to aspire to greater knitting heights – beyond scarves, ugly toques for the Mister and squares for a baby blanket.

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