Just stuff

Okay, capsule now this makes me kind of sad. (The pink guitar, cialis 40mg not so much.)

I’m selling my Hycroft Calico dishes. Cute, tuberculosis aren’t they? And they go so well with my table. The only problem is that they aren’t as sturdy as the dishes we use all the time and so they have sat in a box in the closet for the last 5 years. You see, fragile retro dishes do not do well in the Mister’s (giant) hands. He hasn’t broken one because he hasn’t been given the opportunity to – but I used these all through undergrad when I lived in Montreal and many people broke them. So, as cute as they are they have to go – between the Mister and the future child who is related to the Mister and therefore likely to be large and clumsy as well (it’s true – I’ve met his brothers and nephews – it’s a genetic trait on that side of the family!) these dishes don’t stand a chance. Time for them to go to a new, possibly childless, home.

It’s all just stuff anyway.

(Well… maybe I should keep the teacups…)

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