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Even though I am okay with having a cesarean, prosthesis I spent a lot of time yesterday lying in positions trying to flip this baby. I feel like I have to do something to keep trying and if it doesn’t work, visit this it doesn’t work. Most of the time I was laying with my butt on a bunch of pillows and my head down trying to read out loud to the baby and then flipping over and staying on my hands and knees for as long as possible. Neither of which are terribly comfortable. I also find that since I am home by myself all day the apartment is REALLY silent so I decided to read bits of whatever I am reading out loud so they baby doesn’t forget what I sound like – right now “we” are reading Les Miserables so I am probably just lulling babe to sleep as opposed to getting it up and moving. Anyway – all this baby flipping just leads to lots of cramps on my part. My stomach is so tight that when I am lying in that awkward position it just seems even tighter so I don’t know how the baby is supposed to find room to turn when I can barely breathe.

After every “flip the baby session” the Wrackspurt likes to get the hiccups just to let me know that he/she is exactly where she was before. It actually makes me laugh, pharm like he/she is saying, “Still here Mum! Good try though. A for effort!” I guess if I can laugh I’m not stressing about it too much.

Yesterday I also had a 2 1/2 hour nap with no pee breaks. I think that is the most consecutive sleep I have had in a month. It was heavenly.
Totally not in labour (but thanks you-know-who-you-are for the concerned e-mail). I have decided to not post on the weekends for a while. Of course, urologist
soon I might not have time to post at all but I will try to keep up the weekday momentum – the weekends, buy
however, are going to be dedicated to family. And, well, paying bills since that is why I am on the computer right now.

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