January goals

These days I’m sitting back and enjoying things while I take stock of what I want out of 2012. I haven’t written out a long list of goals although I have some hopes and dreams floating around in my mind – some rather mundane and some a little exciting, order a little secret. I think maybe my only resolution will be to practice goal setting each month so that certain small, quiet goals become habits. Perhaps this isn’t really blog worthy? But there it is.

I think creating good habits is one of the hardest things people can do. Bad habits, not so much eh?

This month my goal is to start the day like I am going to work: I get dressed, tame/do my hair and brush my teeth before dealing with the girls. This doesn’t sound like much but I’ve stuck with it and it is helping calm my mind. I am no longer trying to get dressed with children hanging off of me or trying to steal things out of my drawers/take everything off my dresser and run away (I’m looking at you Fionnuala). My teeth are feeling much better too.

That small change has created other changes in our day too – it’s like a chain-reaction of order slowly starting to happen. Well, as ordered as things can be with two children under the age of four. It feels good.

I was reflecting on how easy it was for me to embrace our dietary change. I never really liked meat and giving up dairy was easier than I thought it was going to be because I felt so damn good so quickly. I know it was harder for the Mister initially and Moira still talks about “when we ate meat projects” but one of these days she is (hopefully) going to forget (right?). (At this point Fionnuala would eat a car if you cut it up small enough and put it in a bowl in front of her so we haven’t heard any complaints out of her.) My point is that it was an easy change to make because it made me feel so good. I’m trying to keep that in mind as I form new, healthy habits.

I have other goals for this month too of course – other wishes as well. I need to sit down and write them out before I share them though.

What are you working on this month?

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