It was so much easier when she couldn’t run away

The Mister came home last week (or maybe it was the week before) with a CD he was very excited about. Oh My God, doctor Charlie Darwin by The Low Anthem. A brief (and edited) history of them from Wikipedia:

The Low Anthem began in Providence in 2006 as a collaboration between Ben Knox Miller, a folk musician and painter from New York’s Hudson Valley and Jeff Prystowsky, a jazz bassist and baseball scholar from New Jersey. The duo met at Brown University as on-air personalities for the college’s commercial alternative formatted station WBRU.

Having played together since 2002 in various ensembles ranging from rock, to electronica, to classical, their mutual interest in Americana, baseball, and morally agnostic narrative necessitated the formation of The Low Anthem… In November 2007 classical composer and NASA technician Jocie Adams joined the project.

The title track is rather haunting and beautiful and would be worth the cost of the album even if the rest sucked – which I can assure you it does not.

Also: Banjos. Need I say more?

Self portrait with toddler

Self portrait with toddler

Self portrait with baby

Self portrait with baby

Will try again to recreate this photo but I do like the results as they now stand. Mostly, stomach
I like the memory of the two of us at the park yesterday – Moira finding immense joy in feeding me Cheerios out of her snack trap.

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