Interview Week: Thursday

Erin asked four questions because she is nosy (and funny):

1. What did you major in in college?

English Literature with a minor in History (and if you want to be super-specific I did a specialization in Dramatic Literature which means exactly nothing).

2. What was your plan with that particular degree?

Work at Sbux! Okay, sickness that wasn’t the plan but that is what happened. I was heavily into acting at the time and had left a theatre program in N.S. to move to Montreal and switched majors to English thinking I could always switch to theatre later on. I didn’t switch again, I quite enjoyed studying English Lit. but I still thought I was going to be an actor and a writer after I graduated. I dropped the acting soon after to focus on drifting having a nervous breakdown working at Sbux writing.

3. How did you meet the mister?

We were both in the youth choir at the local music conservatory. I was 15-years old, he was 14. When I tell people that they assume we have been together forever but that isn’t true. The Mister likes to tell people it took him 10-years to convince me to go out with him and that persistence pays off. He is right on both accounts.

4. The toilet paper know…the end you pull to use the toilet paper…on top or on bottom?

It is always on the bottom at our place and if the Mister puts it the “wrong” way I will switch it – however, I feel the need to defend myself here. The reason I always want it on the bottom is so that I can find it when I go to the bathroom at night. I have really terrible eyesight and at night I don’t grab my glasses and don’t bother turning on any lights. In fact, sometimes I don’t even bother opening my eyes because they aren’t going to do me any good. I can make it to the bathroom in the dark with my eyes closed and do everything I need to do and find my way back to bed without incident – but I do need the toilet paper roll to be facing the same way all the time. I don’t even notice how other people have their rolls in their homes, probably because it is daytime and I have my glasses on so I can see the roll and not have to do everything on instinct. To defend myself further I told the Mister about this question and he didn’t even notice that the roll is always the same way and I never say things like you are doing it wrong because there is no wrong. I’m just happy if there is toilet paper ON the roll. Aren’t you glad you asked?

Alison asked: Referring to the later house hunting post. What would your dream house be?

This is a tough one. Dream house would be all brick outside, wood burning fireplace inside, environmentally friendly (or as friendly as a house can get), soft wool carpet where carpet is needed, black and white tiles in the kitchen and hallway, small but spacious with a big garden in the back and a small writers studio beside it. Or the Hobbit House because who doesn’t want to live there?

However, in reality what we are looking for has a lot more to do with what we want from life than what it looks like. It is really important to us that we live within walking distance to a supermarket and public transit (and by transit in our city I mean the C-Train and not just a bus route). We would love to stay in the neighbourhood we live in now and that probably means giving up certain things – like a yard. However, in return  we are within walking distance to downtown so the Mister can walk to work and we would only need one car that we wouldn’t have to rely on. There is a supermarket close by, countless shops, a library, a beautiful park with a wading pool in the summer, a community garden and some really great schools (and so much more). Our neighbourhood is like a small town and we have good friends here who we can walk to visit (this in a city known for its urban sprawl is rather miraculous). To us those things equal quality of life and are more important than having a large house that neither of us want to clean.

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