Interview Week ~ The Weekend Edition

Wil asked:

You’re just settling into your new position as Queen of the World. What are your first few environmental edicts?

Where do I even start? I guess I would start with consumerism because I think over consumption leads to a lot of environmental problems out there.

*I would outlaw built-in obsolescence because even thinking about it makes me angry. When I buy something I want it to work for as long as possible and then I want to be able to get it fixed when it breaks so I can continue to use it and not dump it in a landfill and buy a new one and then repeat the cycle in a couple of years.

*I would find incentives for manufacturers to use as little packaging as possible because have you noticed how everything is over-packaged these days? And by incentives I mean that after a grace period I would start fining them for over-packaging.

*I would build something into the school curriculum starting in kindergarten about how to take care and appreciate your things and how you don’t have to own a lot of stuff and then I would outlaw advertising to children. Seriously. When I am Queen the advertisers and people who say “who cares if it breaks, sildenafil I’ll just buy another one” will be first against the wall – this ain’t no democracy.

Jen asked:

What’s the best search terms someone has used to find your blog?

Sadly I have nothing exciting to put here. I thought maybe my stats counter didn’t track the search terms but then I checked on my other site and there is a lot of search term action going on over there (all Canadian Lit/Canada Reads related). The ONLY one I have noticed for this site lately was Patriotic Swimming Trunks which lead them to this post. Maybe I’m not racy enough – I should through out some interesting word combinations like sheep kilt fetish, kinky socks and banal sects and see what happens.

Mika asked:

Remember when I used to blog? How do I get back on the wagon. You’re a professional and know all of the answers, right?

If I were a professional wouldn’t I be getting paid to talk about myself this much? But yes – I do remember when you used to blog and I strongly encourage you to start again – where else am I supposed to hear all about new Canadian music? I think you are shirking your duties as Queen Canadian Music snob and letting us all down. My advice -  if you really want to hear it – is to get rid of Live Journal and start a new blog somewhere else. I like WordPress but there are others. I think one of the best things about blogging are the comments and Live Journal is (for the most part) only good for other people who use Live Journal. For one thing my Bloglines rarely reads the feed from those sites and I miss out on a lot of entries. Some people like to pick a theme (book blog, music blog, movie blog, mommy blog, shoelace fetish blog etc) to base their writing on but as a general rule I am all over the map when it comes to this blog so I can’t really give you any advice there.


That’s it for the interview questions! Thanks everyone for delurking and playing along – usually I’m the one doing the interviews (although not recently since I’m not working) and even though I write about myself every day it was interesting/weird to sit down and write about myself. I’m sure that makes no sense whatsoever.

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