Interview Week: Monday

Whoa! You are an inquisitive lot. I got a lot more questions than I expected so I’m going to stretch this over a couple of posts (because I can get a little long winded at times).

PHX asked: I’ve seen that you do book reviews and editing… how did you find those jobs?

I started doing book reviews when I was interning for the Big City Newspaper. After many days of building up the courage I walked over to the book editor and asked if they needed more reviewers. I lucked out because I didn’t expect to get paid for it but since I didn’t actually work for the paper they HAD to pay me! Being able to tell people that someone else is willing to pay you for your skills goes a long way when you are looking for other places to write reviews. The pay was crap of course but it was still pay. Then the Big City Newspaper decided to do away with most of their book section and stopped calling me but it gave me enough clippings that I could look for other places to review. Currently I am only doing reviews on my other website which no one pays me for.

As far as editing goes there are a couple things you can do: join the Editor’s Association of Canada (which I did one year although I don’t think it brought me any work but that could have been because I was too busy to look for it) and sign up on the Jeff Gaulin job board which has brought me work but also brought me calls from Crazy People. A lot of it, ampoule like everything, more about is word-of-mouth and who-you-know. Most of my experience in the beginning came from being the editor-in-chief of my campus newspaper when I was studying journalism and then from working on a small magazine. Offering your services for free in the beginning is good IF it is a project you can show other people and use as a reference.

Violet asked two questions:

1. If you were trapped on a desert island and could only have ONE food with you, what would it be?

Good lord! One food? Since this is hypothetical lets also pretend that eating copious amounts of said food won’t make me ill because then I can go with Sticky Toffee Pudding (with ice cream – it needs to have ice cream). Otherwise I would have to go with asparagus because I have been known to eat an entire package of asparagus for dinner (and nothing else). I suspect I would quickly get sick of asparagus though and my pee would forever stink.

2. What brand of toothpaste do you prefer?

The one that is on sale. In a perfect world I would go for Tom’s of Maine all the time but it costs about 4x as much as other toothpaste and I can’t justify it unless it is really on sale. The Mister, just for the record, is picky when it comes to the flavour of his toothpaste but since I usually buy it he just uses whatever is around (but he likes it when the Tom’s of Main is on sale).

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