Inspiration: Tiny Houses, Big Dreams

I recently read this article about a Yale student who decided to build her own home instead of paying rent while at grad school. I think I have been fascinated with tiny houses since my sister brought a book about them home from the library many years ago.

The Hobbit House in Wales

Since that day I have always wanted a tiny cottage or a small studio  – a space just for me. I say this, viagra of course, cheap knowing full well that I am also longing for a third room in our apartment so I don’t think I could live in such a tiny space long term – not with the Mister, pills Moira, all our books, my sewing dreams and maybe another baby and a dog someday.

Recently my Mum’s friend Anne asked if going to the cottage inspired me to write. The answer, Anne, is both yes and no. The cottage itself doesn’t inspire me to write, probably because it is so open and busy with visitors whenever I am there – but the property has always made me want to build a little single room writing space through the trees. A space that could also be used as a seperate sleeping area for the kids when they are older (because really, who doesn’t remember how fun it was to camp in the backyard or sleep in your friend’s parents trailer behind the house?)

Other inspiring tiny homes: The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

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