I’m not proud of myself (potty talk)

A daily scene at my house

My friend Jen wrote a post the other day about bribing her toddler to get him to potty train and as much as I am against the whole bribing/over-praising culture we are raising our children in (a whole post in itself right there) I too have succumbed to bribing Moira to get her to sit on the potty. She loves stickers and so: two stickers to poop, advice one sticker to pee. When I offered this the other night she immediately went and her two-sticker business on the potty. By morning the novelty wore off.

I’m writing about this because about 20 minutes ago I got really upset with Moira for pooping in her diaper for the third time today. The girl knows how to use the potty. The girl wants to read stories about the potty all the time. And yet, myocarditis she is still – please excuse my language – sh!ting her pants and sitting in it many times a day. I never thought I would be one of those parents who obsess over potty training but I am. I AM. (For the record, I also got mad at her because she was trying to make it as difficult for me as possible to change that poopy diaper and I had been asleep because it was nap time. In spite of her protests about not being tired, she is now asleep and I am now awake. How is this fair?)

Anyway, I’m frustrated and not proud of getting upset with her and less proud about bribing her. We have broached the subject with her many times and backed away many times thinking she would just come around eventually. On one hand I’m sick of waiting – but on the other I’m afraid I’m making too big a deal about it and she is going to have bathroom issues for the rest of her life. And it is less about now having two sets of diapers to change and wash and more that the girl knows how to use the potty and won’t – and that she is now having “big girl poops” which cannot be contained in most diapers. One of the benefits of following a vegan diet is that it seems to have cleared up most IBS symptoms my sister, Mom & I have suffered from for years. One of the fall backs is changing Moira’s “Hey, I don’t have anumal meat to bind everything together and constipate me” big-girl poopy diapers. You can use your imagination to figure out what that means.

So for those of you who have gone before – what worked for you? Or at least tell me a potty training story to make me laugh.

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