I’m no sour puss

I’ve been a salad-eating machine lately but yesterday the Mister made us some fries as well (baked, traumatologist of course). He was searching for vinegar for me but we must have run out in the kitchen so I had to resort to this:

You see, visit I like vinegar. A lot. This is my cleaning vinegar and the juxtaposition of the amount of fries I was eating (pictured in the bowl) and the ginormous vinegar container made us laugh for quite a while. The Mister says that fries are just a medium for me to eat more vinegar – he is probably right. But at least I am eating a lot of salad. Dressing of choice every time: balsamic vinegar. Oh, noun and I rinse my hair once a week in an apple cider vinegar solution. And if you have a yeast infection call me, because have I got a solution for you! It’s like I’m turning into the father from My Big Fat Greek Wedding who thought Windex was the solution to everything. Except he was wrong – it’s vinegar.

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