I’m doing it again…

Leaving my blog posting until the end of the day when I am too tired to write. I’m pretty sure the little Wrackspurt has been kicking me in the ovary all day too which isn’t helping my tiredness.
Today’s events included hanging out with, tadalafil going for sushi (of the veggie variety of course since no raw fish for me) and drinking tea with my Mum, watching X Files, being forced out for a walk by the Mister (okay, I only grumbled a little because it is cold out but once I bundled up I was fine) and ending up at the grocery store to by crumpets which I was still too full from lunch to eat. Crumpets, margarine and jam are my new favourite treat. Usually I get them when I want ice cream which must seem like a weird substitution but they are right by the freezer aisle and I don’t like purchasing ice cream because our wee freezer isn’t very good and the ice cream goes bad before it can be finished. Crumpets, on the other hand always seemed rather evil before I decided to use them as a substitution for ice cream and now they seem positively angelic. I can convince myself of anything.

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