I’m back for reals this time (and shoot me if I ever talk like that again)

Things have been busy around here. Last week my sister & her family came to visit which kept Moira and I out of the house all day and was probably considered in Moira’s little baby brain to be the Best Week Ever.

Click here for the blurry For the love of Pete child, information pills STOP MOVING! outtakes.

We went to Banff, story to the zoo & out for lunch numerous times.

See that grin on my girls face? She loved it! Also, she totally owns cousin Samuel (the tall one). Her cousin Thomas might have something to say about that though – it took him a couple days to warm up to her after much assurances that no, she is not going home with them.

The fact that she loves to be out,doing things all day long & around other children made it easier for me to decide something that has been rolling around in my brain for some time: I need to go back to work. Our lamentable financial situation aside, I need to go back for my own sanity. I don’t think anyone can doubt that I’m not totally in love with my daughter – but the trouble is I spend all day sitting on the floor playing with her and can’t get anything done. I don’t know how other mothers balance things so well but when Moira is around I just want to be with her.

Of course these days that involves constantly pulling her out of trouble making it harder and harder for me to do anything else even if I wanted.

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She is fun fun fun but she needs more than me around and I need to get back to work so the search is on for a suitable dayhome. I feel writing is a use-it-or-lose-it skill and I haven’t done anything significant for quite a while. I have been unemployed for almost a year and a half now so by “going back to work” I mean “find a job” or a number of contracts that make it worth while to put our girl in childcare. Also: money = house.

As for the eyes? They are doing great! They still aren’t at 100 per cent and we tried watching a movie on Friday night (at home) and that failed but for the most part I barely notice the discrepancy during the day. At night, when my eyes are tired I find being on the computer disconcerting still but really this is so much better than before it is crazy. CRAZY.

And… that’s me updated! I miss blogging so I’m going to try and find more time for it and I have a new feature I am hoping to introduce on Thursday… but I won’t tell you about it until then.

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