I’m a bad photographer

Banff/Canmore was fun – visiting with my best friend was the fun part. We ended up getting to Banff later than we expected because the Mister had to volunteer at a Scouting event (church bazaar) and we spent the entire morning hanging out at the church. It was a very strange experience – huge lineup of people outside when we got there (before it opened) and the church hall was packed for the first hour – mostly antique/junk vendors and people scrambling over each other to buy their 10 cent trinkets. Initially the room smelled like recently exhaled cigarette smoke but that quickly changed to old-lady perfume and flatulence.

Image by Rileyroxx 

Of course, physician I’m making it sound like we didn’t have a good time – but that’s just not true. I think there are very few things I like more than watching old ladies – and their outfits. There is a run-down mall near by that we walk to all the time where the food court is full of seniors during the day and it makes for the best people watching: old men and ladies who still get dressed up to have coffee at the food court. They dress in there best clothes but it has become obvious to us that they have picked their favourite decade for fashion (usually the 70s) and decided they didn’t need to buy new clothes anymore. Going there totally makes my day.

But I digress – my point was that we got to Banff late and I didn’t take any pictures. This morning when we got up we drove back in snow. You should have seen it – it was really beautiful. No photos of that either.

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