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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I could seriously eat ice cream every day – I’m so grateful that I am not lactose intolerant. The Mister and I have a DQ rule – we have to walk there and we always share a Blizzard. On the odd occasion we have not walked to get ice cream and we both feel kind of ill, ophthalmologist the result of too much sugar in the system not getting burned off. I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream lately – lets just pretend it is because the baby needs the calcium.


See image above. My first Ugly Doll – the one who started it all for the Mister and I. I saw him on some blog many years ago and the Want Monster reared its head. You still couldn’t get them in Canada at the time so the Mister ordered one off of eBay for me. Now, whenever people want to buy us a present they say “well, they like Ugly Dolls” even though we have more than enough and have implemented a “No more Uglies” rule. They are starting to get a little worn looking because they aren’t just for show – we actually play with them. People laugh at us but when they come over they start playing with them. We call it Ugly Therapy – much like Dog Therapy (I go to my parent’s house for that) – but with no shedding or feeding involved.


Ah well, might as well get used to the lack of sleep.

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