I want to wear dresses everyday

It’s true. If I could pull it off I would wear a dress or skirt everyday. Even without a baby this is rather hard to do since a good portion of my year is spent trying to bundle up and keep the sub zero temperatures at bay. These days I’m lucky if I can manage to pull on a pair of jeans before noon instead of shluping around in my pajamas all day. Incidentally I really need to stop buying clothes at Superstore because I bought two pairs of jeans there recently (I needed new jeans before getting pregnant), case both of which were a little tight and muffin-toppy on me but I figured that my body is still trying to find its post-baby shape and has a bit of weight to lose so they would fit eventually. Then I went home and washed them and the next day they were too big and all saggy assed. Now, page I could pretend this was because I lost another five pounds over night but let’s be honest here people – this just proves you get what you pay for and $25 jeans are crap and not going to keep their shape even if you throw them in the dryer.(Normally I would never throw jeans in the dryer.)

I’m digressing. Remember when I said I had to get a dress for upcoming Christmas party and wedding? Well, my Mum and I went shopping for my Christmas present before they flew south and found one. I had pretty strict criteria for this dress since I don’t have a lot of clothes that fit nicely these days: I didn’t want anything too “party” like because I wanted to be able to wear it more than twice, I didn’t want super fancy material (meaning, I will be carrying/wearing Moira at the wedding and need both of us to be comfortable) and I didn’t want anything black. That last one – you would think I was asking for the world. Almost everything we saw was black – is it just me or are other people rather sick of the little black dress?

The dress I found is from Banana Republic, was on super sale ($54 down from $185) and looked like it was made for me.

I don’t think this photo really does it justice – and I won’t be pairing it with grey stockings and a giant purse that looks like a junior high flute case. (Not pictured: baby slobber on the left shoulder.)

Other dresses I want to wear everyday:

The Mister is looking at this dress thinking, “Are you crazy? Your neck will freeze!”. Found at Nordstrom’s.

Found at Karen Millen.

I know, I know, this next dress is black but it is called the Rita Hayworth and I love it:

Can’t you just see me laying on the floor playing with Moira in that dress? Found at Shabby Apple – most of their dresses are amazing.

I would still love to find similar and affordable versions of these two dresses I posted about last year. It is my personal philosophy that there isn’t enough plaid in the world.

Sigh. It seems like the dress want monster in me comes out full force in the fall.


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