I think I drank too much tea today…

Scratch that – I know I drank too much tea today. But it was one of those days where I woke up with a headache and Moira is manic and drinking too much tea seemed like the thing to do.

Right now my stomach is jumping and my mind is going in a thousand directions. There is so much on my mind these days that I am having trouble focusing and I know what is to blame: Autumn. Yes yes, youth health even though I am not in school the thought of September approaching (and Fall comes early around these parts) makes me want to buckle down and get things done, vitamin make decisions and begin the new season refreshed. One decision I have to make is about working. Finding childcare is proving to be a problem and some of the places where we are on a waiting list are too expensive anyway. So, more about do I work or do I spend my time scheduling a series of playdates every week to keep my busy girl occupied? Both ideas have appeal to them but only one brings in an income.

Is anyone else thinking of Christmas already? Every year I tell myself that I will make presents and then I don’t even get around to thinking about it until the end of November. This year I am already planning and while I haven’t actually made anything yet I still feel I am ahead of the game. Every year I also tell myself that I am going to make us Christmas stockings and a 12-days of Christmas Calendar (we don’t celebrate Advent) and I’ve never gotten around to either. Since I have been really itching to sew again I think these little projects might be just the thing. Anyone have any favourite stocking patterns/stories they would like to share?

Oh! And we have planned a trip to Vancouver in September. As nervous as I am about traveling with Moira again (last trip was stressful) I’m excited to have the Mister to myself (well, sort-of) for a whole week and be near the ocean. I have a feeling Moira is going to love being on the beach.

Okay, this post is completely disjointed – and so am I right now – I should probably do something productive like wash our deck.

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