I keep coming back to the moss

As I work my way through editing my Iceland photos I keep coming back to this little fact that was thrown out at us on one of our bus tours: Iceland is home to around 600 species of moss.



It is oddly fascinating to me. I feel as though I am supposed to do something with this information but I don’t really know what. Maybe nothing. Maybe all I was supposed to do was go around taking photos of moss. Although this little nugget of information keeps percolating around my brain.



Upon my return, and with a minimal amount of research, I have learned that Iceland is also home to around 700 species of lichen and around 2000 species of fungi. It’s a nerdy amateur plant-photographer’s dream.



Many homes in Rekyjavik had stone walls around them covered in moss and lichen. Perhaps this isn’t as interesting to someone who lives somewhere wet but coming from dry, arid, desert-like Calgary this fascinates me.



A stone wall covered with moss has almost fairytale-like qualities to it. The fact that moss and lichen is classified as a “species” also intrigues me. As though it is a living, breathing world of its own – which I suppose it is. Perhaps there are secret stories trapped in the moss waiting to be told.


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