I hope she likes soup

Tooth number nine poked its little head through today. Yes, neuropathist number nine. She isn’t eight months old yet. This is five teeth in two weeks. At this rate she will have lost all her baby teeth by the time she is four and will be back on mushy food until her adult teeth come back in (around age seven?).

Number nine is one of those fangy cuspids and seems like it is going to be a bugger coming in (I just spent an hour calming her down and trying to get her to stop pulling on her mouth). I suspect number 10 is going to follow quickly behind.

I’m getting bored of the songs I’m singing to her at night while she screams in my ear so I’m looking for suggestions from other Mamas out there. Right now the defaults (because I know all the words) I’m singing are: Don’t Fence Me In, Misguided Angel (totally not appropriate), a folk song about Mining, Oh Shenandoah and Ave Verum. I’m started in on the Christmas carols to mix it up a bit.

What do you/did you sing to your children?

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