I have this thing about drawing

You see I’m always saying “If I could draw I would draw *insert situation here*” but I can’t draw. Okay, tadalafil anyone can draw, more about but I can’t draw well enough to take whatever fantastic image is in my head and translate legibly it onto a piece of paper. (I also wish I had camera eyes – you know, where you just click them shut and they save an image forever  – so I tend to go around blinking hard saying “click click” when I am in a situation where I can’t pull out my actual camera. Everyone does that right?)

However, Lucy Knisley can draw – and not only can she draw well but she can totally make fun of Twilight while doing it. I think she is my cartoon soul mate.

Go here to see her perfectly translate my weekend of reading Twilight and give a one page summary of all four books.

And I have said it before but I will say it again: freezing marble-like angsty vampire? Or warm-bodied male who turns into a dog? Is there even a debate? Plus my pet-Nazi landlord would never even know I got a dog!

Have a great weekend!

Ps. I was at a music store the other day and saw a t-shirt that said I *heart* boys who sparkle and I threw up in the store and then I went home and designed a shirt that said I *heart* boys who shed.

Pps. Only part of that story is true.

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