I guess what I’m really saying is, I want it all.

This weekend we went to a family event out in the Kananaskis.

The temperatures were freezing and I stood outside the car to take that photo while Moira screamed inside. The general consensus was that it was too cold to do any outside activities which was too bad. As I drove along I thought, there “I could live in a mountain town” and then renewed my vow to spend more time in the mountains this summer – a vow I renew and break every year.


The other day I bought a Vogue magazine and a Western Canada Cottages magazine. The Vogue one had some great photo spreads and the Western Canada Cottages one had a long article about a shipping container cottage I want to read and then send to a friend. I stood at the checkout line and felt like I was shopping lifting with the guilt of buying not just one but TWO magazines weighing on me heavily. This is where my life is at these days – a weird dichotomy of wanting to simplify and wanting to add some style into my life. I almost never buy magazines and when the Mister reads this he is going to shake his head and say “you bought magazines?” Yesterday when my Mum called I was sitting on the couch drinking tea and reading Vogue. Who is this person?


It is 10:30 a.m. and we are supposed to be at storytime right now but Miss Fussy Britches has been on the fast track back to napville since she woke up cranky at 7 a.m. this morning and it took me this long to get her there. She is at that stage where standing is now easy and so if she doesn’t fall asleep right away she stands up and cries and rubs her eyes and I have to go in and press the reset button.


Yesterday was Robbie Burns Day. If alive today he would be 250 years old and owned by the National Trust of Scotland where they would keep him locked up trying to preserve him and only let him out on his birthday and the occasional spoken-word duet with Bono. This weekend we are going to a Robbie Burns event with friends and a part of me wants to buy this strapless plaid dress I saw at Club Monaco for the event because I can’t get over my love of all things plaid. Of course, sildenafil I won’t buy it – first of all I would freeze my shoulders off but also I have two lovely new dresses that have barely been worn to choose from. One day though I am going to make myself a strapless plaid dress. Or a yellow dress like this one:

Via Smitten and A Cup of Jo

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