I don’t sleep, I dream

I’m just gonna keep talking about sleep here since that’s pretty much what is on my brain these days.

Moira in “I’m so exhausted I’m going to pass out for 20 minutes” mode.

Someone (thanks Tiffany) sent me an interesting piece of information from a sleep seminar she had gone to when her oldest daughter was five months old – interesting in that one of the things it talked about jumped off the page and slapped me in the face. It talked about babies who wake up from their nap after 20 or 30 minutes all crying and upset and how they need to be left to work out for themselves how to fall back asleep. Now, healthful this might not mean anything to you but this has Moira written all over it. On the odd occasion lately when she would take a 2-hour nap she wakes up all happy – but usually she wakes up after 20 minutes in a foul mood and what have I been doing – going and getting her. So this morning I put her down for a nap – in her crib – and set the timer for 2 hours. She started off by talking to herself and then complaining and then really fussing (at which point I went in to make sure it wasn’t her diaper) and then cried for about 5 minutes before falling asleep. That took 30 minutes. I hope this works. I know that every child is different but I know Moira needs a couple naps during the day – she is cranky and tired all most all the time lately. So today she is getting two 2-hour sessions in her crib no matter how hard it is for both of us.

Anyway, we just entered hour two (still sleeping!) and I should probably use this time to go and clean something. Or at least re-heat my tea.

Taken at the Mister’s Grandma’s place a couple weeks ago (I’m almost positive there is an apostrophe crime in there but I’m too tired to care). She is so awesome – she’s 87 and is the busiest person I know.

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