Has it really been a week?

A week since Moria Catherine M. came screaming into this world butt first.

I won’t lie. My recovery has been hard and the cesarean has taken a lot of out me. I don’t want to scare anyone who may have to have one in the future but I can’t imagine why anyone would elect to give birth via cesarean – but again, buy information pills it might just be me and my reaction to drugs. In a way I think the drugs I took afterwards made things worse – too many highs and lows of pain and emotions from the Percocet. We had a scare last Saturday when I went to get my staples removed and my incision started opening up – but everything is looking good now and I hopefully won’t be coming apart at the seams (at least not literally).

The Mister has been amazing. If I wasn’t 100% ridiculously in love with him before this I certainly am now. Between him and my Mum I am being well taken care off which is surely speeding me along the road to recovery. Hopefully I will be walking around the neighbourhood with Moira in one of my fancy new slings in no time.

In other news – the Mister and I are not moving anywhere any time soon. That job opportunity didn’t pan out and I don’t really want to say more than that. And while it is dissapointing job-wise, viagra approved we won’t mind staying here where we have such good friends. I mean – can I find knitting friends like this in another province? People have been dropping by and bringing us food and generally being wonderful. I’m feeling very loved right now and since I stopped taking the medication a couple days ago I can assure you that I mean it.

And the comments you all have been leaving have really meant a lot to the both of us. Thanks so much! Hopefully I can keep up the blogging while figuring out this whole mommy thing.

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