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I thought I should write a positive post about being a new Mum since I have mostly talked about how hard it has been and how tired I am – and since I have friends who read this blog (ahem *Melinda*) who are pregnant and I don’t want to scare them further. Of course, apoplectic it is hard, urologist and I am tired but in all honestly – I think I’m doing really freakin’ good. I mean, it hasn’t been six weeks yet and despite how scared and sore I was after the cesarean I am up and about and living life again. I’ve lost a lot of my pregnancy weight and I know that once I am out walking more I should be able to fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes again. And this whole breastfeeding thing? I’m happy to say is getting way easier. It isn’t perfect yet, but my toes are no where near curling anymore. I’m glad I persevered with that – especially since nursing is Moira’s all time favourite activity so far.

However, I think one of the most telling signs is that it isn’t even six weeks later and the thought of having another child no longer freaks me out. Don’t get me wrong – I’m in no rush to have another one any time soon (and Moira definitely deserves to be the baby for a good long while) but at least I’m no longer terrified by the idea. I know that even if I had to have another cesearean I would heal and life would go on.

And really, look at this face:

She is starting to get baby-pattern baldness as her hair falls out.

So worth it!

Everyday she does things that crack the Mister and I up more and more. She is a total squeaker and is always making little noises. There are periods during the day when she is just so alert that one can’t help but wonder what is going on in that mind of hers and she has taken to being rather smiley in the mornings. However, when she wakes up she always seems to wake up angry and flails her arms around as though she is saying, “Why can’t I just get up and walk around on my own!” Which I’m sure she will be doing soon enough.

So now that I can look back and put things in perspective, how insignificant are a couple weeks of discomfort when I am blessed with this great little person?

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