Happy Canada Day & 3-year Blogiversary

Today is my 3-year blogiversary for this particular blog. I’ve mentioned it before but I have been blogging for a really long time. I think I started my first one in 2000 and I have gone through several handles (some embarrassingly lame like: cowgrrrl) and several blog hosts since then but this is the one that feels most like home.

When I started blogging it was because I was trying to figure out my place in the world. I don’t quite remember but I suspect I was in-between break-ups with my then-boyfriend and even though we got back together I never told him about the blog. It was personal and a place for me to go and collect my thoughts. I never told anyone about my blogs back then. There is a certain amount of freedom in that but, discount like my life at the time, for sale it was lonely. I was lonely. Now that I have opened it up for most of the world (and family) to see the loneliness of writing to the universe and having no one read it is long gone – and I have met some really amazing people because of it. Of course, buy cialis once your family starts to read there is also the self-censorship issue. For example, you can’t just tweet “Fuck you Sunday” and not expect a phone call from your family. But I think I have managed to find a happy balance lately.

This blog isn’t really where I would like it to be right now in terms on content – I have a lot of ideas for the direction I would like to take it in & wish I had more photos. I remember telling my friend Jocelyn that 2010 was going to be the “year of the blog” for me. I was really going to make an effort and had hoped to attend a blog conference somewhere for fun. Of course, if you read this you know that 2010 quickly turned into “the year of getting pregnant and buying a house” and, well, you can understand why this little space of mine has been neglected. But we (this little blog & I) are still here and now that things are getting settled I seem to be finding more time to blog – at least until #2 arrives (in 8 weeks!) and then, once again, all bets are off.


It is Canada’s birthday today which means the Mister has the day off. Right now we are sitting on the couch: me on the computer, he is reading Harry Potter (he is finishing book 7 right now, the look on his face is so intense I wish I could take a photo). The Little Miss is having a nap (bliss). So far today I’ve tried to give myself a concussion at the playground and gone for a prenatal massage. After I sign off here I’m going downstairs to organize my craft space and think about curtains for our bedrooms. When Little Miss wakes up I think I will suggest a walk to Dairy Queen. It’s been a good day (well, minus the almost-concussion, me and playgrounds just don’t get along sometimes).

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