Halt! Take this card for Valentine’s Day!

I was reading the preschool newsletter at 9 p.m. last night because there are a number of school-free days coming up and I wanted to make sure I had them marked down in my calendar. That’s when I noticed the bit about Valentine’s day cards.

If you wish to bring Valentine cards, medicine please do so on these days. Plan an extra minute to help your child deliver them into our special “mailboxes.”

My stomach dropped.

I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me. I guess I thought in this day and age of political correctness we had done away with Valentine’s Day cards because of the risk of feelings being hurt? Or something that waited until they could actually write their own name. Either way – I didn’t think of it and this morning – the day to deliver the cards into their special “mailboxes” – we didn’t have anything to deliver.  Moira’s face dropped. I explained to her that I didn’t know they were doing this and that we could do it next year (and, cardiologist on the plus side, she was still going to get a mailbox full of cards). Which she did.

This is what she got:

  • 1. Dora the Explorer card
  • 1. Hello Kitty card
  • 1. Strawberry Shortcake card
  • 1. Winnie-the-Pooh card
  • 1. Transformer’s card (Moira’s reaction: this is scary although I think I heard her telling her Daddy later in the day that it was a troll and she seemed okay with it.)
  • 1. Star Wars Stormtrooper card (because nothing says love like a stormtrooper pointing a gun at you saying “Halt! Take this card for Valentine’s Day!)
  • 1. Toy Story card
  • 1. scratch & sniff vanilla cupcake card (the only non-trademark card in the bunch).
  • And, of course, 5 Disney Princess cards.

Let’s count the number of homemade cards…



Yup. Zero. Oh and three red suckers which, I mean, really? RED suckers? Why not just give her crack? (I did let her eat one though – I’m not as mean as I may sound. And then she not-so-quietly sobbed throughout quiet time and she couldn’t even tell me why.)

So yes, I’m that mother. The one who won’t let trademarked characters into the house if she can help it. The one who sneers at the Disney Princesses.  The one who thinks watching one show a month is plenty for a 3-year old.

The one who doesn’t even consider that they are exchanging Valentines in preschool.

I know some of you are laughing at this but I’m okay with that. Sometimes I feel like our value system is so out of alignment with the rest of the people we meet. Often I have to take a deep breath and let go of the reigns a bit (although when I think of the marketing machine that is the Disney Princesses I do feel physically ill). It would be enough to make me want to homeschool except that I can’t make the girls live in a bubble – and I know enough to know that Moira and I spending all day, every day together until she is 18 is really not a good idea. At least next year I will know what is coming – and we will make our own Valentine’s Day cards. By then she will be able to sign her own name.

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