Can you believe that this time last year I was doing A Month of Halloween on this blog? It is amazing the kind of time one has when their baby can’t move. This year Halloween is so far off my radar as I am busy spending my days dealing with one melt-down after another (please just let this be teething). I’ll be lucky if I get her a costume for the Halloween party we are having at Stay & Play and not just call her the Little Match Girl because I haven’t bathed her in days.

Some days I feel like I am really good at this job. I’m good at calming her down (albeit temporarily because another meltdown is just around the corner). I’m good at playing with her and reading to her and singing to her and not freaking out too much most of the time. Other times I feel like it is all a little much. Like, look maybe she could just freakin’ lay down on the change table so her poo doesn’t fly everywhere while I am changing her diaper? You know? Is that too much to ask?

Sometimes I feel like I am getting my shit together and keeping everything under control: the apartment, dinner, a social life. Other times I feel like I am losing it completely.

So, you know, I guess I’m a normal parent in every way.

Lately I have read back on some of my old entries from after Moira was born and feel like that was some of the best blog writing I have ever done. I wonder where my writing skills have gone. I feel like I post about nothing these days. Maybe Moira sucked my writing ability right out of me? Maybe my heart isn’t in it anymore. Maybe I need a new shtick to kick me in the ass like my alphabet meme or interview week. I’m open to suggestions – got any?

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