Hair Self Sabotage

I think women have this personal glitch where once they start liking their hair they start getting itchy for a haircut.  And then they are faced with months of growing it out to a place they are once again happy with – only to head right back into the salon. Seriously, meningitis I can’t even count the number of times I have done the Hair Self Sabotage. Even so, urticaria in spite of finally making peace with my hair, gerontologist I knew it was time for a haircut. I was still growing out a horrible cut from the previous May where the hairdresser decided what I really needed, despite my asking for almost no layers, was lots and lots of thinning and short layers on top. The result was that every morning for months I had to face the morning mullet in the bathroom mirror. Not a pleasant way to start the day. Luckily I could still put it up and hide my shame. I’ve ranted about my hair on a number* of occasions.

Needless to say – I’m a very nervous customer when it comes to going to the salon. I was finally starting to like my hair again except for the fact that the bottom layers were getting really scraggily and, with the way it was growing out, it looked like I had two hair cuts some days: 1) a full bob that came under my chin and 2) long thin hair with no layers. Also, the grey was starting to get to me. To top it off I was going to a new stylist and it is really hard to find someone who knows how to cut curly hair. Did you know that curly haired people, on average, have 100,000 hairs on their head where as straight haired people have 130,000? That’s a big difference – which is probably why my hair looks so thin and crap when it is straightened.

However, I did my research and went to a stylist who does the hair of a curly-headed friend of mine and was pleasantly surprised. For one thing she actually listened to me when I told her what I wanted. I know! Crazy, eh? She didn’t go nuts with the layering and actually agreed with me when I told her that my hair was quite thin but just looked thick. Thinning curly hair is about the worst thing you can do to it because it creates more frizz. The colour, unfortunately, is going to fade from the grey pretty quickly because we didn’t go with the permanent colour but whatever – it’s the cut that really matters to me right now. Sometimes I think the best haircuts are the ones where it isn’t always noticeable that you got your hair cut – especially if you like how your hair looks but just want things cleaned up a bit.

I didn’t even cry once.

*My ambitious (and joking) plans to be a grey-haired model are on hold for another decade at least since I can’t get over how witchy (and not in a good way) I look with the grey scraggle sticking straight out of my dark hair.

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