H is for


Of course!

He’s back in town and I get to see him soon. I thought I had to say goodbye to him but he has returned from his winter vacation. I get to see him tomorrow.


My constant companion these many months – but considering how lucky I have been this pregnancy I really don’t have much more to say about it other than it would probably help if I stopped eating chocolate (says she who is munching on cookies).


In totally un-H related news:

ReadyMade has put their latest issue online for all to enjoy. The ENTIRE issue! I haven’t bought one in forever because I am a)poor and b)feel bad about buying magazines. But now I can look at the whole thing online.

Nursing pajamas are uncomfortable and I don’t like slippers – two things I need for the hospital. I decided to pull out my sandals and wear those during my hospital stay and my Mum (who arrived home yesterday!) bought me a nursing nightgown that didn’t drive me crazy – which is good because I am probably going to live in it for the next month.

Yesterday my 18-year old nephew borrowed my car to move into his first apartment. We tried to rent him a U-Haul but were too late going about it. None the less, discount rx he and his friends managed to tie his double bed – both box spring and mattress – to the top of the Sprint (not me in that picture) and move his bed. I so wish I had a picture of that! People are always making fun of my car but it can seriously do anything.

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