Goodbye November: an update with musings and ramblings

This month felt a little crazy. The Mister went into it battling the piggy flu (Moira & I manage to not get it) and is just now getting his energy back. Our 20-year old car, decease that we had hoped to hold onto a little longer, viagra needed more repairs than was financially worth it (that would be anything over $12) so I spent a lot of time looking for the second-hand car of my dreams – and found it! A 2006 Ford Focus station wagon in mint condition. The ultimate middleclass Mom Mobile. (Laugh all you want but the last time I was in the market for a car – 10 years ago – I wanted a station wagon. I just like them and their faint promise of future dogs.) My parents sold their house in town and had to come back to pack it up which kept us busy and was emotional for all of us. Also, look Moira’s two-year molars have been teasing us all month but seem to be finally breaking their way through (molars = hell and I can only imagine what she is going through).

December is upon us so I’m sure things won’t be settling down anytime soon. There are parties to attend and host (this year will be the 7th Annual New Year’s Eve Open House/Birthday Party Party). An eye appointment to determine when I will be getting my eyes re-lasered (yes, they are quickly deteriorating) and, of course, much Christmas hoopla.

Other randomness:

  • Christmas cards: Do you do them? I’m torn between the waste-of-paper issue and the feeling of “why the hell doesn’t anyone send me Christmas cards?
  • We won’t be getting a Christmas tree again this year (space issues) but I AM going to decorate – and I am going to do it tomorrow!
  • I heard much talk about Bob Dylan’s new Christmas album and downloaded it to give it a listen. The term lecherous Santa kept popping into my head. No, we won’t be buying it.
  • Got any recommendations for good Christmas music? I like the choral variety but don’t restrict myself to it.
  • I had hoped to sew us up some stockings and a 12-days of Christmas calendar but I have had to accept the fact that sewing in this apartment is just not a good idea. Maybe next year.
  • Canada Reads 2010 starts tomorrow and I’m hosting another challenge at Roughing It In The Books so come and join us if you want.

I have a fun plan in regards to blogging this December but it gets a post of its own.

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