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 Sometimes you arrive at the library to find that the books you have been placing on hold for months all arrive at once. Not hard to guess my priorities for the coming year.

Mum, syphilis you were right – tomatoes are killers when it comes to acid reflux. But the soup I made is so good I can’t stop eating it!

Last night I had a dream that I gave birth to a girl and in the dream she looked like a toddler and still didn’t have a name. I couldn’t decide if we should give her the name we wanted to or if it would be too difficult so we just didn’t name her.

I have decided, viagra 40mg for tonight at least, that I am not going to fret about our job situation. Starting Monday I am going to write and sew and sew and write and see what comes from it. Of course, I had to cry a bit to get to this point and keep walking past the camera store but this fretting thing is getting old. It makes me feel old. It’s done.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a stack of books to read.
This NYT article about clutter and mental health has been circulating and is worth the read. I think the implications are sound, about it
I always say Messy Mind = Messy Apartment. The reverse is true too. Too much clutter makes it hard for me to focus which leads to anxiety about getting things done – which leads to me not getting anything done because the anxiety can be paralyzing.

This No Impact Man entry about his daughter and Christmas totally made my day and confirmed some of my suspicions about children and Christmas – something that has been on the Mister & my minds a lot lately.

And could This be the answer to my fears about occasionaly having to use disposable diapers? Sounds like it might be a good possibility but needs to be investigated further.

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