Go ahead, ask me anything…

I keep sitting down, urologist writing blog entries and then not posting them. I don’t know what it is. Am I losing my blog mojo? Am I out of decent ideas?

I don’t think I’m out of ideas. I think it’s more that every time I sit down to write I feel as though I am ranting about something without meaning to be ranty. Every time something annoys me or frustrates me I think: at least my house didn’t wash away and my husband isn’t sacrificing his life to contain a nuclear reactor. Keeping things in perspective is great but it has also taken the funny out of my writing and, well, I like the funny.

So I’m opening up the ‘floor’ to questions. I did an Interview Week a couple years ago and it was lots of fun. After my sporadic posting I doubt I have enough readers left to do an entire interview week but at least it will give me something to write about other than my frustrations with trying to discipline a head-strong 3-year old.

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