Give me Liberty or give me…

Well, sickness ‘give me death’ is a little extreme but yes, pharm I too am excited about the new Liberty of London line at Target. I know people love Target with a capital L but I have only been there a couple times in my life and most of the time I have been unimpressed because it is, after all, just a department store and therefore often lacking in originality and smelling like child labour. However, years ago my Mom and I visited the real Liberty of London store in London (obviously) and all I could afford were two handkerchief scarves and the seeds for a life-long love of all things Liberty. As a teenager I was a huge fan of Laura Ashley dresses and should probably dig up some of those photos for a fun and highly laughable flashback post – but Liberty is so much more classier.

Anyway, I have my poor Mum lined up to be part of the crowd on the 14th of March when the Liberty line goes on sale. I’m sure you’ve seen the video already, and you can see more of the line here. But can we just say almost-matching mother-daughter dresses?

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