G is for…


1. Not copying his butt at all…, capsule 2. February Baby Sweater/Baby Sweater on 2 Needles (EZ), pancreatitis 3. i heart nerds, patient 4. green stripes, 5. Colorlicious Chucks, 6. Green

I think if I were to pick a favourite colour this would be it. I need more green in my life and in my wardrobe. Most of my clothes are black these days – it isn’t a statement – black goes with black and makes my life easy. But I like green a lot and it matches my eyes.


Much like having a dog, my other ‘big dream’ is to have my own garden. It’s a dream that has been on hold for a while since we live in an apartment (with such little light that any plants we used to own have long since died). I just like the idea of growing things – especially things we can eat! There is a really fantastic house a block away from us with a big garden in the back yard. This garden is lovingly tended every summer by the old couple that lives there. I call it “my future home” even though I know that if it ever went up for sale we could never afford it and some developer would come and tear it down and build condos or something. I have often wanted to ask them if I could help them with their garden in exchange for what I imagine to be invaluable knowledge from years of experience. I never do ask.

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