Full blown toddlerhood

Little Miss Definance

I keep trying to write a blog post about life right now but the truth is it would be uninspired and whiney and I really don’t have the energy. Lets just say life with a two-year old – or at least this particular almost two-year old – isn’t much fun right now and it is overshadowing everything else. Our days seem like one long tantrum interspersed with a couple ‘thnuggles’ here and there. Everything is a fight and I have to keep walking away so I can get my shit together while she continues to lose hers. The removal of the soothie seems to have created some genuine night anxiety on her part which resulted in bed time going to hell and Moira turning into a hysterical screamer. She would wake up like that in the middle of the night too. It’s been truly awful but we seem to have found a solution in switching her to a “big girl” bed and giving her the freedom to come and check on us if she is scared. And I truly hate labeling anything as “big girl” or saying things like “come on, viagra be a big girl” to her but admit that it pops out of my mouth occasionally and then I cringe. Truly, prostate what an asinine thing to say because what would that even mean to a small child? But I digress…

Anyway, three weeks until she officially turns two. I’ve thrown in a couple extra photos if only to remind myself that not everything has gone to hell.

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