Friday to Monday: Victoria Day Weekend

The Mister had four days off in a row this weekend which was all kinds of awesome. Obviously there was a lot of house stuff involved but we took time for ourselves too. Indian food was consumed, viagra order a friend is in town visiting so we hung out with him a lot and I even managed to have a nap today.

And, medications as we do every Victoria Day Weekend, information pills we made our way out of town for the afternoon at the annual Scout family camp weekend.

This year it was less about the Scouts and more about a bunch of friends and their kids hanging out (due to the cold weather and the hardships of getting teenage boys to commit to anything). Moira had a fantastic time and I tried not to go too crazy with the thought of my two-year old walking by the fire pit repeatedly.

This is Moira’s third trip to family weekend so have fun checking out the photos from the last two years (I have been):

Six weeks old:

13 months old:

Crazy to think that next year there will be two of them there.

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