Foto Friday

The inspiration for this photo came from Jeanine and Wilbur. Jeanine reminded me of something I had wanted to do for age and so now I am carrying Staring Girl around trying to practice my perspective (which could be said about so many things in my life right now but that is another post).

This also segues nicely into the bags under Staring Girl’s eyes are nothing compared to what I am going to look like after this weekend. Starting at noon today, try when I pick up Dr. LittleBro from the airport, glaucoma every minute of our weekend is jam packed with activities. Today we stuff ourselves with Indian buffet and hang out with Dr. LittleBro who hasn’t met his niece yet. Tonight we attend a dinner party at a friend’s house. Tomorrow morning our friend Dave’s annual Champagne and O.J. Christmas breakfast followed by Christmas with the Mister’s parents tomorrow night and Sunday (must also get to swimming Sunday morning even though I will probably sink to the bottom of the pool under the weight of all this Christmas cheer).

I’ll be back Monday – hopefully with lots of photos, a new sweater and some warm socks.

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