Foto Friday – stroller edition

Things to note in these two photographs:

  • After much research and accosting of other mothers out in public I finally got a new stroller.
  • I’m starting to suspect I have a favourite colour – all this matchy-matchy was unintentional.
  • That stroller is probably worth more than our car and – while I willingly leave the car unlocked hoping someone will steal it* – I am now a little paranoid of someone running away with my lovely new stroller.
  • In a pinch, click I could probably interchange the tires from the car with the ones on the stroller.
  • I’m still laughing over the fact that I blurred out the license plate number because, more about really, if someone were bored enough to want to stalk me they would have such a hard time finding that rusted out Chevy Sprint on the road in a city full of expensive SUVs.

*This is a lie by the way – please don’t steal my car because after buying this stroller there is no way we could afford a new one even if we wanted, which we don’t.

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